The shelf light fitting can house a 10 or 20-watt lamp which can be rebated into timber shelving or surface mounted.


This low voltage spot fitting takes a 20-watt or 35-watt lamp and is available on a 155mm rod which can be custom sized upon request. It can also be provided on a base plate including leads, low voltage plugs, electronic transformer and leads/sockets to match.


This low voltage fitting can take a 20/35/50-watt lamp and features a 50mm diameter or bandaide base plate.


This fitting features a 500mm arm attached to a vertically adjustable (tilting) clamp. The bracket will clamp to any 50mm or below sized panel (larger sized brackets and arm lengths available on request).

A 2.5-metre flex with piggyback plug is wired to the flood fitting via the arm and can be supplied tested and tagged at an additional cost to comply with electrical requirements.

$185 per unit.