Mini LED Track Light System

New Track System provides a distinctive and stylish lighting solution for showcase applications

LED 20-Watt 500mm Arm Light Link

Equivalent in strength but much cooler than a 150-watt halogen the 20-watt LED 500mm can be linked up to twenty times for maximum coverage.

The IEC fittings on both the power and link leads will ensure safety and durability. The link lead comes standard at a one or two metre length (custom lengths available upon request).

LED 20-Watt 500mm Arm Light

Equal to a 150-watt halogen the standard 20-watt LED 500mm is a much cooler option for your lighting needs. Features of this independently switchable model include a swivel head, internal power supply, and warm or cool light. Made up of 42 LED elements the outer casing design is durable ABS plastic.

Three types of fixing options including direct octanorm, slide in/screw down or slide in G-clamp (up to 30mm).

This model is available in grey or black with a carry bag that can be purchased separately.




Arco Arm Light

This micro arm light is capable of housing a 50-watt low voltage or LED 7-watt on a brushed aluminum, white or black arm (500mm curved 6mm diameter).

Included in the price is a choice between an adjustable clamping bracket or screw type bracket, all with electronic transformer attached.


Shelf Light Fitting

The shelf light fitting can house a 10 or 20-watt lamp which can be rebated into timber shelving or surface mounted.

LED Showcase Lighting

Now you can add extra sparkle to your fixtures and retail display cases with Zaftech’s LED lighting solutions. Our LED system creates low maintenance, cost effective solutions that incorporate sleek profiles and focused light sources. By utilizing LED lighting, you are taking advantage of one of the latest trends in the marketplace and bringing new aesthetic and operational benefits to your displays.

Cabinet Spot Fitting

This low voltage spot fitting takes a 20-watt or 35-watt lamp and is available on a 155mm rod which can be custom sized upon request. It can also be provided on a base plate including leads, low voltage plugs, electronic transformer and leads/sockets to match.

Pencil Spot Fitting

This low voltage fitting can take a 20/35/50-watt lamp and features a 50mm diameter or bandaide base plate.